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loc saint – locsterz represent lyrics


locsterz represent, we don’t need no education
locsterz represent, we just want that loc saint music

let me begin by welcoming the whole gang back / to inside the brain of this maniac / with a little help from my friends like joe ? homie loco go dolo and toggle off on my rocket yeah / ? so i can spit fresh hold and i’m not so set doc said i could go provocative ?
loc saint’s the name you know as soon as the song begun /


[verse 2]
these haters cannot handle me candle be lit wait when i pick up the mic and i spit quick running through all a my enemies devil keep sendin me like click click ? cause as an infant trump with the sixes witta army of locsterz runnin up on em like who was the one’s that wanna be startin the drama that they cannot finish em had to diminish em pinnacle winners we k!ll em off in this yeah / so if you can feel it then follow along my people get with this here / we reppin hard this year a spar with fear we locsterz / scarred by tears battle dark when it approaches / ? unanimous the way you run the data ? strategy hard it not be the family the haters ? just like my sanity /