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locksmith – teambackpack | termanology & lyrics


[verse 1: termanology]

[verse 2: locksmith]
make some motherf-ckin’ noise
yo, check it out
yo, new york city, look, look

sometimes the culture vulture is just as bad as the bird caller
the n-gg- pointin’ his finger is just as wicked
he would rape you the same as a slave master
but he can’t, ’cause the person he blames already did it
listen, f-ck lyricism f-ck being blunt
f-ck making an alb-m, do a media stunt
f-ck holding your craft get on stage and go postal
show up an hour late and just rap along to your vocals
these are the gimmicks we like to mention more
these epidemics feed in attention more
we hangin’ ourselves with extension chords
there’s a blur between being an artist, or an attention wh-r-
you could snooze if you choose
but please don’t worship these social media gurus
they partner up with the platforms that you have
give you biased advice so you could purchase an ad
it’s sad, we look to the crooks to right the karma
we understand the chances we took to bite the dogma
we push, despite some drama, it’s evident
our current president makes bush look like obama
comma, fake rappers get it right
treat your b-tch like a catchers mitt, parade her through the night
you are not a lyricist, you persuaded by the hype
you are paris jackson, you’re not related to the mic
what i spit son is obvious, i bring destruction like i was a gun lobbyist
under destruction from unwarranted c-ckiness
if the shoe fits wear it if not, then put a sock in it