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lojii – spook who sat by da floor lyrics


low to the earth

[verse 1]
dirty dishes on the kitchen stove
like to switch and poke, let’s get it on, get this dough
but stayin’ patient like a spook sitting by the door
hard to abide the law, step outside, sky galore
low to the earth, see my cards written in the stars
looping at hoopties, we be pushing like sliding doors
dirty claws, where they clapping i need no applause
round here, all the dirt that happen leave soil in your drawers
but we ain’t never slacking, we toil through it all
slack saggin’ toward the maggots and holes in the floor
boots b-tter like my feet wrapped in gold and velour
but these them h-ll calls, heavy on h-ll’s floor

below the heavens, roll the sevens

[verse 2]
i grew up on the infinity sign side
through my own crime site
hustle no hindsight
movin’ my whole life, came up on your blindside
that low-wearing hi-fi, connecting no wi-fi
often this time fly, cos i been sky high
eyes all tie dye, looking like why die, huh?
busy shooting bricks, get a brick or somethin’
you got no grams on the gram, takin’ pics and frontin’
i been putting blunts out they misery
the rolls baggy, my plan is all that’s symmetry
watching a doc about somalian vets
score with a quartet, what’s on next?
grotesque fantasies, fingers on piano keys
and those ain’t the only kind of be equip to handle b
got a hunnid’ bills, need a dollar in between
f-ck how you feel, ain’t nothing sweet, i’m out there getting millions

nah mean