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lola monroe – run this town lyrics


“run this town”
(feat. trina)

we are, yes i said that we are
me and a trina build a movement me [?] nah [?]
queen bosset and the baddest b-tch are supreme huh
ooo i go so in an addiction that’s so heavy

gotta hit it keep me steady
cause i’m pacin’ for whatever’s in my vision i been ready
i can take it so i’ll take it you can even call me petty
when you feenin’ for a win it don’t matter what they say i dun came to far

i’m a run this sh-t it ain’t even bout the cars
i dun drove them whips don’t give a f-ck about them stars
i wished on that b-tch and b-tch’s be what they are
i am a bad b-tch, i am a bad b-tch, i am a bad b-tch

i said that we are, yeah i said that we are, trina and lola

two bad b-tch’s that’s the sh-t [?]
you know who we are we don’t pay for anything
n-gg-‘s get loans break bread give us everything

know we like to pop sh-t
b-tch’s know we militant
always goin’ hard see the grind call us diligent
hater’s wanna do me, why you such a hater
it’s because got my face stacked on this paper

and i blow the crowd down and they call me the baddest
i rep 3-0-5 i’m a legend i’m the baddest
yeah i’m talkin’ back and my name whole [?] weight [?]
and i’m runnin’ this sh-t every city i take i break dat