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london samuels – drugged out paint job lyrics


[verse 1: london samuels]
i thought you said
you don’t need to see my face
so i close the door
these drugs in my veins
highway to my brain
just take me away
drugged-out paint job
inside, cocaine
outside, [?]
got me sittin’ sideways
got me sittin’ sideways
blah, blah
blah, blah

[verse 2: bones]
isolated, smokin’ blunts like always
came from [?] in the hallways
came from a woodshop in the woods
get cut if you steppin’ out the line
keep it [?]
uh, i know i got a f-ckin’ resume
with the f-ckin’ side of my brain
to keep my memories
no glock in my jeans
b-tch, i’m rollin’ with the blade
i’m with the team so
b-tch, i got no problem
ridin’ up on me
b-tch, you need to just holler
i don’t need no dollar
keep your contract
cause i don’t need dollars

[outro: london samuels]
i see your face
every place i go