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londrelle – pastel pain lyrics


people will always express
that they never meant to,
after they hurt you,

but their actions will always prove
that they had the intent to.
and that makes you question everything that you’ve ever been through,
has anything they ever said been true,
how many times have
they ever went against you,
when the relationship went bad who did they vent to?
these are the question you
ask yourself when it hits you.
and then you start to feel resentful, because you know you’ve always been faithful and eventually you will break up but never let it break you,
just pray and be grateful,
the universe has saved you.
it’s okay to sit alone and
be deep in your feelings,
know that this life is about you,
you just have to find a reason to live it
and not expect people to get it.
maybe for once you try loving you,
before you cake up,
and wake up with another dude
and a few months later,
he tries to cut you loose
and start looking for antoher you.
a part of you wants to go back,
the other half wants to be alone,
but n-body but you can heal your pain
so maybe alone is where you belong.