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looms – lo and behold lyrics


he came out of thin air. plucked from a vision
darkness arrived and he succumbed in an instant
the son of the system. immortal yet ephemeral
chemicals can end it all. turn the grey to an emerald
it’s too simple if seminal’s digestible
don’t mind the peers making spectacles of genitals
forget the present but reject it when the heavens call
make you question all you are then vanish i’m inspector goole

actions imply that he loves the regret
suffering less when the skunks bunned and up in his chest
stash under the bed. above are the puddles of sweat
transcendent but still stuck in the mesh

write it off as taradiddle
back in the shack n crippled
carrying sacrificial
lambs like a pack of gristle

scapegoats as he changes into plain clothes
stay low. dodging bobbies in this rain coat

to mask the halo that only he can recognise
methodise dimensions from the present to the second life
take to heaven skies excavate and televise
let the masses see the barren land they were set to find
every second’s like certain eternity
been to h+ll and back strapped with burns to the third degree
lurch to emergency
then murmur in surgery
telling tales of the mishaps of purgatory

even the vermin bleed
and cry to the cosmos
this life in a lost plot
is trite till the clock stops

still he survives wading his way through monotony
the phantom of a man trapped in the forgotten prophecy