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louis xiv – paper doll lyrics


ah bang a gong or get it on
we don’t need to take off our clothes to get it on
pull your skirt up a little bit
pull down your top and show me a little t-t
i said hey short girl you’re like a midget
you can turn a phone cord into a widget
she said you son of a b-tch you little b-tch
i ain’t gonna show you my love without a hitch
i said hey hold up sugar just one at a time
show me yours baby i’ll show you mine
she said oh you’re so pathetic
yeah well so…you’re so magnetic
i said hold up girl i know your game
ah you want a sugar daddy you can tame

i said sing, sing me a song
and bang me like the girls in hong kong
i know i know i ain’t correct
but politics are so much better when there’s s-x

i said rollover do me a trick
do it with your shoes on it’d be a kick
ah tell me the horse that you pick
let me buy you a lollipop you want to lick
she said does that sh-t work with other girls
if it does, why don’t you find one of them to give you twirls
my love cost pearls
ah does it baby – you don’t say
she said hold up i know your game
you want a paper doll that you can tame
i said sing, sing me a song she said well
touch me like the boys
that did me wrong
you know it’s ok, it’s alright
if you want clean fun go fly a kite.