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love-sadkid – castle lyrics


well, lately, i’ve just been locked up within my castle, screw the princess and the peasants and my serpents and the shadows and my pillow and mah throne and mah blood and my tomes and the doors that i have locked so they just leave me alone, i digress. maybe they don’t think i’m the king of this mess, maybe i’m just in a room and this is all in my head, maybe it’s just ’cause the shrooms, but i’ve been plottin’ on ya time again, my mileage with numbers p-ss, my age, i failed my drivers test, oh hi again, i guess i’m really bad at introductions, name is ben and you’re in luck ’cause i’m a different kinda function, an individual. someone took me to the dock and took some time in who i’m trustin’ , someone lies into my brain, how i dependin’ on every substance, maybe i’m not a fit, guess this crown that i imagine was for someone else’s kid. with the width that i’ve been withholdin’ and the spit that i’ve been lettin’ go, i only find my peace within my mind and on a metronome

the seconds go: tick and tock again, i’ve been stuck on tock again, i’ve been inside my castle cave away the walls i’m shackled to