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lovesix – dear sorority lyrics


[verse 1]
i understand all your concerns
but my demands are worth the return
so grant me this honor and haze me right
don’t hold back i’m up for the ride

don’t n-body say you’re goin’
home for the holidays
babe i thought that we went through this last year
we’re a close bunch around here
so walk the plank dear van der veer
and remember this face

baby you could say, that you have changed
and you spent your nights in pouring rain
with my picture close to your panty hoes
and all you want is me back home
but girl it ain’t enough, not putting out
ain’t enough, not putting out
ain’t enough, what you’re giving ain’t enough
ain’t enough, not putting out
ain’t enough, not putting out
putting out, putting out

[verse 2]
don’t want to say that you’re all a dime dozen
it ain’t okay, you stole the microwave oven
so grant me a sorry with shadowed eyes
and take your place at the back of the line
i’ve got the feel for this high-end persuasion
with high heels, it’s a lovesix invasion
drop all your dogma’s and anxieties
right before you tango with me


[verse 3]
perhaps somewhere in a far off world
there’s hope for your return
but let this be a lesson that you don’t
doubt the girth of my words