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low viscosity – youth in revolt (kendrick control response) lyrics


we ain’t got the same production value or resources
but i’m goin’ in deep, i see reefs and sea horses
i am light, all in my presence be enlightened
lead you with the might of my trident, poseidon
but i’ve got more than three points for you to chew on
i’m givin’ a type of service to refurbish the furniture we put our shoes on
the upholstery on these musical chairs is getting ripped up
too many rappers sittin’ down, just spittin’ sounds, get up
cause i’m camped out with a pack of pens
concentration is my chamber til’ i’m g-ssed out
way back when i looked like an aryan, i visited dachau
and like a visitation from an alien i came back with my cranium maxed out
universal domination, that’s the final episode of our mega grind
we in sega time right now, genesis of the dream we cast out
to be the last out
after practice i’m still in the locker room reading playbooks
i slay crooks
and time thieves
but i steal nights
for divine sleep
cause what is beauty to a rapper man?
if you gon’ review me go and take a ramadan
take a holy month, read sanskrit
then see if my dharma really harms a single soul or if it stands with
our goal to be the greatest of the age
i’m poppin’ off the page like a mage
lyrical wizardry
meet me on the roof with a fiddle
a little marc chagall imagery
expressionism for the common people, you don’t get it, see
if you were to paint me, i’d be “the scream” and “starry night” combined
all colors involved, grab your brush and soak it in light
might test your resolve, i revitalize the spectrum
of humanity, like centrum
multivitamin tool for the mult-tudes
i’m a swiss army knife and then some
and this army life is grim son
i’ve got the reaper as my teacher, payin’ hades for his wisdom
cause my fate is ultimately same as his one
or her’s, we’re equalized by a he-rs-
so forget it, i’m covering seven minutes with a verse
k!ll it so hard it will never die, sever ties to seven lies
i’m too young, too smart, too true to be televised
too gentle, too loving, too honest, “they’ll eat the kid alive
he’s too great to play in this industry and be still alive,”
there ya go, seven lies i severed ties to
what do you want next, a freakin’ epic and a haiku?
alright dude, here’s a 5-7-5 for you:
“winter comes swiftly
when the snow falls, it bites you
but sunshine lifts me.”
there, i supplied you
and i’m gettin’ high on my own supply too like
“man the odyssey of low viscosity is epic!
tell homer this aroma makes his poem smell septic!”
i’m pepperin’ the skeptics with bombs like k dot on twitter trends
get me to the source mag cover, cut out the middle men
man, if it’s only been a minute then get the meter maid
i’ll be parked here infinitely so see to it that she is paid
my mind is made up and i’m laid up where i see the rain/reign
from a god’s eye view
i’m a god, little g
capitalizing with the big guy who
keeps my spot in-between
a parking lot and a zoo
i greet the cons and gimmickry
so no response can ensue
the concrete jungle, that’s true
but dreams are not made here, they are slayed here
and even if alicia has the keys
jay z’s got the game locked with his great roc nation crew
so what’s a new rapper to do?
we’ll take the i-d that we do have to the end of stay flu..
cause no i-d just makes for sick and dangerous travels
let the story of l.v. begin, let my d.n.a unravel
and grab ahold of at least a handful of avid souls
and take the paper we’re makin’ and quit makin’ these rapid folds
treat it calmly, and make an origami rabbit hole with me
now that we’re in it, what insights do you behold and see?
we don’t need to throw money, we need to flow money
pipeline it to a wiser kind of industry
like how to actually live and be happy with no money
“oh no get a gunny put a hit on this kid! we’ve got a youth in revolt!”
tell diddy this is my revolt and i’m the truth on a colt
ridin’ by on a high horse that can lay down
i have pride in my ability but humility still takes the crown
my face is down so my halo shines
i pay no mind to fatal rhymes
i cradle my fate and time in a ladle that’s clearly labeled and made of maple
this way my fable stays stable, it’s a staple
storytelling is my crop, my crutch, my cane, but i’m able/abel
and i’ve got a cape, i’m cape-abel/capable
the young hero you’ll soon see on cable
with or without a label, i’m dealin’ from the gut, right from behind my navel
to the top of your table, see what’s up
through your third-eye/i pad you might have or lack
intuition, that’s the topic, you can’t stop its comin’ back
the people want answers, the cure for cancer is shadowed over in black
we’ve been black-bagged and brainwashed and zip-tied
you risk a fist to this eye if you decide not to live lies
but vision is not a matter of physical sight
bruce lee was the master cause he fought a mystical fight
i mimic his might, so i might unlimit my mic-control
it’s a system, shout out to ab-soul
i’ve got that spiritual force in my stomach also and i’m past goals
found a quicker way, i’m past tolls
waiting for the world to catch up
we must heard ourselves, shepherd your brother, go fetch em
i’m fed up, i don’t need feeding
i’ve led ya and i’ll keep leading
i apologize for the delay but this is here to stay
i’m here to say somethin’ worth repeating
i only want to spit a written that is worth reading
and i know this requires a burning desire and willingness to take beatings
but i’ll keep proceeding, i’m t–tering on the brink of succeeding
i’m feelin’ this wave of glory shower down upon the earth we walk on
kings, queens, and p-wns
it’s all the same water, same sun, same fodder
no cannon on the track but let this be the dawn of all that’s
modern and true, solder the two
make them synonymous
i’m runnin’ for miles like desmond in the animus
true ident-ty anonymous
and my sins are unanimous
i’m on to this plan of his
taking leaps of faith and raiding lairs of romulus
translating prolific but fading hieroglyphs off an obelisk
i marvel at what’s marvelous
this puzzle, i’m solvin’ it
i want to know the scope of horus
i’m not into horoscopes but i live next-door to taurus
i’m the ruler of the third house
communicate or get out, i have aphrodite as my spouse
cause i’m hermes
i’ll make sure they’ve heard me
but please don’t shoot the messenger, these winged feet don’t deem me worthy
i’m just quick to grow with this
i move swift like i was taylored for it
and i stay aortic
take the music to the heart
i put the “art” in “artery”
like pac i’ll stay to report this
i don’t pour my story sorrily
in retrospect, everything could be said better
but starin’ through my retro specs, i’m feelin’ like a trend-setter
there’s no banning the rays of this wayfarer
i pack light, and stay away from day terrors
you know the nightmares that some call their lives?
i keep those people at bay with garlic chives
cause they a bunch of blood-sucking demons
hungry for a dream to eat and
believe me, they’ll eat it, i’ve seen em
tear a great idea limb-from-limb
and the only way to beat em is with a thimble of whim
that’s all it takes to win and defeat em
we see em off if they’re too soft to rock with us
no misconduct if you wanna walk and shock with us
only the conductors are training this relentlessly
we on track to engineer a new century
you sent for me? well here i am, at your service
with my wordplay, i don’t play around, though on the surface
of this earth i’ll make sure when it’s my turn i don’t serve em with a stern face
don’t want to mispr-nounce my fire like a furnace
i’m dancin’ around, smilin’ like i’m keepin’ a secret, i am
what’s the secret? i am
they don’t understand my lines
they might as well be standing under them cause they go right over their head every time
a clever guy said, “to be great is to be misunderstood.”
i’m speakin’ in parables like jesus cause i can and i should
so one day they’ll say i could and i did
that i took a good shot and i bid
in the not-so-silent auction
i spoke up and bought a great concoction
of respect and love i can’t’ repay by just talkin’