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lr (zone 2) – lightwork freestyle 2 lyrics


oi, it’s lr baby, it’s lr boo
pressplay lightwork part two
oi, free all my n-ggas
biggz the engineer baby

[verse 1]
ok, pressplay lightwork part two
had a ‘chete that bent but i made it worse
[?] i ain’t gonna etch these words
put it on my n-gga in a digger no dirt
hold up how’s- speaking?
i own up it was me that [?] him
bare exit wounds and leakage
had his girl looking at his wounds while grieving
got cheffed times three just leave it
chattin’ all bad, but he knows he don’t mean it
bored down paul, yeah he still breathing
man try put on a show like cleveland
screaming [?]
would’ve thought he just got some new christians
don’t slip ‘cuz [?]
that boy got severed, taught him a lesson
i just hope that he listens
your n-ggas left you while you with them, b-tch boys [?]
how they winnin’ and rappin’ and fibbin’?
they must’ve forgot that there’s guys in cylinders
bro’s always itching to ride, i said wait till we land like [?]
[?] worse than your head can get split in two
even if you’re with them in a picture
gyally always chatting, she was screaming when i digged her
mad cause she heard i was chatting to her sister
[?] baby, don’t f-ck with this geezer
gyally on me spread her v so i jeet her
heard that she f-ck with them yutes, so i’m finna go ku
got a couple man in my zoot, gotta ras it now it can’t get past
n- got got in a cab, you gotta give that driver five stars
paul got drenched and [?] by me and gang [?]
when o-, got it, i was meant to go in that ride but a man said “nah”
do it and dash, got things in what?
look at you now should’ve stuck to art (dead up)
all these drillings and chingings, ttp saw us then dart
if they saw us they depart
skid one bell shot let it far
been [?]
[?] n-ggas still chattin’ and talk
it’s like these n-ggas forgot
you got drenched on two occasions, on my block and one of them was in the shop
have a man looking like asians with the pots, have you duckin’ and divin’ a lot
bro bro whip that, whip that
yeah, goldie your making it lock
whip that, whip that, your making it-
they see us they gotta dash like a fraction
[?] pack, i just bought a new package
you’ll get it if you’re with them you won’t understand it
trapping but all of the chat i can’t stand it
so we go fishing try get us a catfish
how they be rapping like [?]
like i swear you got bored and i swear that he’s shot
wet, wet man down then jump
see us best run ‘cah you will get bow bow
dash when we skrring round
psycho from young, was an [?] child
five times inject, twisted it, pulled out
free gang gotta flex with the food we file
unless their on basic it’s jeremy kyle
had the bl–dy yutes face with ps it was foul
bro made him dash and they [?]
what d’you know ’bout riding for fortnights
open your chest like we’re looking for treasure
keep chattin’ on my name its alright, like i didn’t get shh shh etcetera
gyallie on me on man ‘cuz i ride
like i’m in uni give me a lecture
chattin’ my name its alright ‘cuz shh done left his shoes cinderella
don’t ask when i slapped that lead
they’re lucky i missed, shoulda left man dead
[?] rappin’ but i’ll [?] through his head
ain’t done sh-t we got his back, belly and chest
so many man put in hospital beds
[?] ain’t on it bro it don’t make sense
do it how i done it with snoop and young kweng
rev it, who’s that? get him
push my b-ttons that’s a whole lot of cheffings
[?] got caught and got left by his bredrins
same way [?] they’re still rappin’ and textin’
still riding tryna make shanks inject
free ar, ld, ps
loose chattin’ like they really want smoke
like carlton you can get it free like jeff

biggz the engineer baby
biggz the engineer baby