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ludus – this shit lyrics


ludus – this sh-t

[ludus: verse 1]
yeah, f-cking the game
money a side and the music the main
not planning to play it, i’m changing the game
f-cking it up so just tell em i came
running this b-tch like the blood like in my veins
sounding the same, cannot f-ck with you lames
they say that i’m cold when i’m bringing the flames
and if i get caught i’m not telling the names
cause gahdammit, i’m keeping it real
you got an opinion, well f-ck how you feel
i got my own wave, i work like a slave
getting my money, i might need a safe
just be a safe, f-ck what you say
pimping around, can i get i a hurray
tell me how you feel, ain’t no need to betray
yeah, come up to me if you feeling a way
shout out the homies, they keep it three hunnet
and f-ck everybody that has ever fronted
you eating you eating if you ever hunted
while dumb mothaf-ckas out there getting blunted
said it cause lived it, i been it, i done it
looking at this sh-t like i’m glad i learn from it
i’m living this life, mothaf-cka learn from it
i’m going through sh-t but i never run from it
unless you call 12, mothaf-cka i’m running
i’m living this sh-t, cooking this sh-t
dropping this sh-t now my people they love it
i don’t f-ck with hoes, tell the b-tch she can suck it
unless she a good girl, then i’ll be like f-ck it
from nothing to somethin’, look what i’m becoming
if mary is there then you know i’ll be coming
i’m not ever stunnin’, these f-ckers are fronting
(i’m living this sh-t)

[ludus: hook]
d-mn, i’ve doing this sh-t
i’ve been working hard, i don’t plan on losing it
i’ve been making all these hits, while they party getting lit
i’ve been working on my craft, i’ve been tryna get the chips (2x)
like –

[ludus: verse 2]
can’t wait to say that i made it
i worked and i waited now i’m elevated
i’m more motivated and more innovative
i just meditated, look what i created
i’m working this sh-t while you out getting faded
and i’m a balloon, but i’m just too inflated
it’s all an opinion, you love it or hate it
been working my hardest, i’m destined to make it
spitting these bars like a mac
while i get on a mac and i listen to mac
then listen to jon and i listen to rap
yeah, i came in the game and i came to adapt
shout out the homies, they keep it rattpack
i know they have my back and know that is fact
and when i get the money, i plan to give back
i’m spitting facts while these f-ckers just act
i know they can’t f-ck with me on a track
say they got bars but i’m thinking of snacks
ain’t n-body gonna feel you like that
girl there’s no point of acting like a b-tch
cause ain’t no man gonna feel you like this
b-tches be on and then off like a switch
i hope the people can listen to this
cause being happy don’t mean being rich

[ludus: verse 3]
bringing it up while they bringing it low
and i’m bringing it fast while they bringing it slow
if i don’t have the key, bet i’m knocking the door
mothaf-ckas cannot f-ck with the flow
hating mothaf-ckas just staying below
gonna do this till the day that i go
never gon’ quit till the day of my death
but the day that i die they will never forget
(they will never forget)