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luminanocte – atra terris lyrics


i lived a peacefull life, firm hands firm arms no fight
believing the best form of reaction was to lie
in past time i never cried, for my messes i was crown
and there won’t be h-ll to pay untill god finds it out
grown up in a family life, calm and compressed in a pipe
no education no job will shape my nature to your guide
no muscle in my body, will convince my mind (that)
all sacrifices i made are really no use for what i want to
insane you called me insane, if not for me
who are those
words for?
in my decisions i’ve been always logical, worms were friends of
handling the reality, in your 3d world everything is free
at the end of the story you make a blunder and seek consolation
when all this disappears, another thing to your eyes will be
eccentric is fate’s display, i know you bet and thought to win
for one day
but there’s nothing else left to see, except your desperation
against every prevision, all your hopes are gone