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lust i seek – frozen roses (for thy grave) lyrics


thus, the stony field surrounds me..

all these years, all this silent pain
you left to be mine to suffer
all these tears, all this silent pain
from me for you
who left me alone in this world die

this night so dark
your grave so dim
these roses so cold
so broken and old

walking through the path of memories
seeing all these things that i wanted to forget
seeing your face and those tears in your eyes
and that smile on your lips

now you lay beneath
i coldness and alone
(only darkness by thy side)
i only wish that i would have
some way to be with you again
(only darkness by thy side)
at night i look at my wrists
so easily to be slit
(only darkness by thy side)
so easily for one violent lick
from the sharpest knife
(darkness. be my bride)

her fragile soul was too weak
like crystal it broke down
her heaven torn down
to pieces of my h-ll