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lyric dispencer – calamity lyrics


bite the hand that feeds like an animal
eat my own tail like a snake cause i’m a cannibal
i’m the devil with the angel riding tandem

i’m handsome
get anything i ever wanted and some
solitude is useless when you have an excess
the only thing hanging around my neck now is a necklace
detect this
cause i detest this
know why i’m reckless
s+x is what annoys me
it destroys me it’s infectious
just need a calming voice like its a wind chime
but should avoid just diving in to something like a swim sign
think i might have lost it call me rick grimes
ask me if i feel ok and i say just fine

overthinking again
thinking i’m on the brink it’s sinking in
should i see a shrink again
i feel like i’m shrinking and
my demons are winking i’m
feeling weaker and i’m f+cking mean not clean like a pair of sneakers
human nature
a bunch of f+cking beasts
who only want to f+ck the beasts when i just want some f+cking peace
dark calamity within my mental cavity
if you think this sh+t is dumb then you don’t know the gravity
only a few that know the things of which i’m capable
this knawing in brain is like a hunger it’s insatiable
the ones that know
only found it out by accident
stabbing in the dark and somehow hit the facts within
it’s ironic what i conceive when the opposite is what i would have everyone perceive like an oculus
i look so unidentified like when they asked what hop is this
cause y’all don’t want the truth you bury your heads like some ostriches
it’s not deceiving
just select what you’re receiving
when i repress it
and select how i express it
i’m cleaving through the jungle alone it’s depressing but i expect it
i should leave it

you know i’m having all these dreams of this
i told my momma not to worry but i need to fix
i’m staying quiet to myself like imma plead the 5th
but if you cross the line of fire then i need to hit
you know i’m having all these dreams of this
yeah, you know i’m having all these dreams of this
i’m staying quiet to myself like imma plead the 5th
i just need to hit

stay dreaming
stay scheming
always plotting on these demons
quiet voices from the dark side of the moon
they all screaming
b+tch feening
taste s+m+n
take my knowledge and i feed it
take the credit that was meant for me then crop it and delete it
like i don’t need approval for the being of my actions
but the consequences reach to me i need the satisfaction
take your throne and i subtracted
then added all my glory
know my name will never die
and you’re the one to tell my story

just drop it and do not disturb
i don’t need a f+cking teacher to learn how to k!ll a mockingbird
it’s absurd
i’m not a preacher but its cursed
take the sh+t we got from wally world and watch the f+cking stockings burn
it’s ironic and this sh+t is iconic i’m on it
i don’t know which one i want so how the f+ck can i be honest
grass is always greener on the other side
am i sticking with my pride or should i take another ride
she beamed down like an angel from heaven
doesn’t matter all i know is if i do it i’ll regret it
ya i said it
but she watched me grow so you know like spending someone’s money i am indebted to you bro
she’s my hero let it go i’ll spit it raw f+ck an edit
listen to the lyrics hear the message embedded
a splinter in the folds of my mind i’m not patient
get me the f+ck out of here i need a vacation
its adjacent i’m not complacent my mind is racin’
it’s like i’m back in time went to copy and paste it
flood the demons made of s+m+n when i get wasted
wishing that she’d get joy my stick like playstation
at a crossroad cause she doesn’t even know
you can bury it deep she can be one of the bros
even though i think about her taking off some of my clothes
i’ve walked down that path before
i know just where it goes