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lemon demon – treasure map lyrics

happily this afternoon,
along the beach i waddle.
looking at the sand,
i spy an old, forgotten bottle!

i pick it up, and look at it!
my eyes go big and wide!
for heaven’s yes! there seems to be
a treasure map inside!

somewhere at the tail end
of this twisty, dotted line
a chest of gold awaits,
and soon it’s going to be mine!

i buy a st-rdy shovel,
since the treasure will be deep.
i buy expensive boots,
because my old ones are too cheap.

i buy a fancy comp-ss
and a treasure-hunting cap,
then off i set, into the forest
eyes upon my map.

so carefully i trace the pathway,
every little bend
it’s almost getting dark,
before – at last! i reach the end!

i’m so excited, i can’t help
but do a little jig!
i calm myself, take out my shovel,
and proceed to dig.

i dig and dig and dig
until my hands begin to hurt,
then finally, my treasure chest!
all worn and caked in dirt!

but when i look inside the chest,
i only find a note.
upon it is this simple little message,
and i quote:

everybody wants to find
a buried treasure chest,
but no-one wants to bury one.
if you do, be my guest!

pirates are -ssholes.

- lemon demon lyrics

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