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leslie phillips – give ’em all you’ve got (tonight) lyrics


verse 1:
hot restless night, headed for trouble
you stand alone in the crowd
you know his love but they think you’re crazy
but don’t be afraid to tell them
they’re just dying to know
they’re blindly falling in a black hole
and you’re just watching them go
don’t let them go

give ’em all you’ve got tonight
give ’em all you’ve got tonight
they’re falling, they’re dropping left and right
so give ’em all you’ve got tonight

verse 2:
hang tight, hang tough, don’t let them sway you
’cause you’ve got the flame of life in your heart
they talk you down but still they’ll keep watching
and where you see nothing but blackness
there shines the brightest light
he never said it would be easy
you’ve got to get up and fight
c’mon tonight

repeat chorus

no empty words tonight
no legalistic pride
he wants them all to know
he’s on their side

repeat chorus

give ’em all you’ve got tonight
yeah, yeah
give ’em all you’ve got to, tonight
give ’em all you’ve got tonight
oh, give ’em all you’ve got tonight

- leslie phillips lyrics

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