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life long tragedy – sweet innocence lyrics


i walk through the darkest rooms
full of gloom and minds like mazes
and rejoice ’cause i’ll be the voice
of your failure f-cking generation
still don’t belong to anyone
this is a life of hesitation
and we’d all trade one night to remember
for the years we’ve carelessly wasted
big dreams and half full drinks
a few pills in your guts
so now it’s easy to think or breathe
and true love was just a marketed ploy
so guys can hit their lines
and girls can grab their boys
sweet innocence with loser’s luck
i know you think you’re giving love
but you’re just getting f-cked
guess what?
i looked and you know what i found?
that you can’t expect to trust this world
when you can’t even trust yourself
and your head starts to spin
as you dance to the beat
because tomorrow isn’t promised
but it’s sure as f-ck is coming
and your body starts to shake
as you sing in the streets
because it’s cold outside
so you better start running
don’t count on me to save your life
when i’ve never had
a clear enough perspective on mine
and i know things change
we’ll go our separate ways
and alive is the only thing
it seems we’ve stayed lately
and the truth isn’t always easy to believe
you walk alone to the sound of your own heartbeat
and i know it’s not always so easy to see
but we are still all so f-cking beautiful to me

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