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lightning seeds – the story goes lyrics

he wakes up as the evening fades to night
to the chiming of an ice cream van that hides
out there in the dark
and sound echoes through the empty park
he’s lost and far from home
his body’s feeling beat up and abused
his whiskey and his luck, they all got used
and then the phone rings
and he hears the angel sing
please won’t you come home?
and time seems to p-ss him by
ravens all calling from the sky

and god takes his vengeance slow
maybe that’s the way the story goes?
is that just how you feel when you get old?
he’s searching for the answer everywhere
then god turned up one morning with a prayer
and he said you’re mine
just have one more gl-ss of wine
and then i’m taking you home
and wind whispers secrets cold
from the footsteps of the empty midnight den(?)
they shine under silver moons
and whisper while he’s sleeping in your bed
home’s not just a place to lay your head

- lightning seeds lyrics

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