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lil flamingo – like a pool lyrics

hook (x2)
i like to chill in my crib
i like to cuddle my b-tch
i like to smoke on dope
b-tch i’m a star of the rip
if my b-tch cheat.. she a fool (ya)
i got my tool (yuh)
my diamonds they wet like a pool (ya)

my diamonds they wet like a pool
i get that money no school
run up on me b-tch i’m cool… i keep the hunnids they new
i got the hunnids they green.. i got hunnids they blue
i got the hunnids they new.. (ya ya) (aye aye)
i got that pinky no ring. i got her wet like a sink
b-tch i’m drapped in a mink.. watching anime b-tch (itachi)
you a mothaf-ckin snitch.. popping blue lilo
keep the f-cking stich.. run up on me.. get a st-tch
i might have to take his b-tch cus he though i was a lick
took his b-tch to my crib.. eat her out like some ribs
i keep hunnids in my jeans.. i pop molly ima pheen
rub on me got my beam.. i got my 30.. watchu mean?
(ya aye) i be just drapped in designer.. fucc that b-tch and i’m finer
i fucc my b-tch but i’m finer.. looking so pretty like barbie
i f-ckin that hoe and she call me.. i f-cking my b-tch and i’m naughty..
and my b-tch got an audi..


- lil flamingo lyrics

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