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lil total – victory lyrics

i want some victory
i remember you, do you remember me
do you remember me, remember you, yeah
like some history, i want some victory

[verse 1]
i want some victory
baby girl you into me
gettin’ money, yeah, we just got the chemistry
i know that you into me
i know i don’t never sing
i just want the revenue, baby tryna hate on me
hate on me
baby girl, you gone wait on me
gettin’ the money, racks, hope bout 8 on me
hatin’ on me, he can’t play wit me
knock you out tree
n-gg-, you can’t stay in tree
i’m billie jean, she mj with me
hatin’ on me, we gone take your team
playin’ with me, we gone make the cream
hatin’ on cheese, you is a ratatoullie
i had to grab her booty
you n-gg-s stackin’ oowee
you just lyin’, lyin is a sin
count my dividends
count my dividends
you got plenty friends
i’m just with your friend

- lil total lyrics

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