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lil twin – what you sayin lyrics

boy when i hop on the beat i’m like death
that’s why i can put n-gg-s to rest kuz i’m the best
shoot you in your vest its not gon save the rest
i’m the exterminater and your the pest
break your neck n-gg- i ain’t done yet shoot you in your legs make you get pegs
organized crime that’s how we do rollin in tha coop more bloods then your group
kush so sweet in this swisher i send n-gg-s to get cha and they won’t miss ya woo

i got n-gg-s comin from everywhere big -ss gun wit a big -ss scope
killin n-gg-s so i won’t have to cope time to do the thing that’s word to my wiz&ope n-gg-s named my heater hope
pull it out make mothaf-ckas step back and say wow
rollin wit tha woes saying f-ck all my foes
splittin 4s, pourin 4s, shootin 4s, gettin o’s, smokin o’s, sellin g’s for tha low
been layin low and you know my latin eyes lay low
shootin at your house make yall n-gg-s lay low
got my halo n-gg-s tell me thats dope kuz i’m tha dope man fosho
uh we dump tha body off the sh-r- his body washed up on the sh-r-
his career dead like a washed up sh-ll on the sh-r-
pull up in tha driveway and let these guns spray
while i’m eatin a payday i want my cash n-gg- like tony montana it’s not ok
these n-gg-s owe me when i come they show me
kuz it’s payday shoot em in they knees make em fall and praise
pull out the glock and let that nina talk
uh ima stalk you like a hawk while
you walk
now i don’t want talk i don’t want talk i don’t want talk
uh n-gg- ima cook ya yo b-tch is a another fish in the sea and ima hook her
if you want beef i’ll pull out the blunt and cheef yo b-tch is nasty she quief yeahh goin down the highway gettin high on the way
tell my girl i had a long day when i’m along way away
and have my goons go to your house and let them guns spray paint you fakes
my beats will have you shaky like quakes shoot you up your body aches
ooh i got my goons your overdue i’m high as h-ll lookin at the view
breakin through comin through with tha do de do
if you ware dark blue that gun go pew pew
i just shot you the bullets went through when i’m done with you
my shootas shoot you up that’s follow through
kill you in plain view shot you in yo hip make you hop away like a kangaroo
these bullets in your stomach like the stomach flu
rollin past yall n-gg-s i’m just breezing through
we runnin in your house i’m just runnin through
lookin at a b-tch from the side that’s side view
my girl said she home alone so ima wipe through
shot you soo much i stepped in your blood like doggy do
goin back to the stone ages ima f-ck her hard and make her yell yabbadabbadoo
uh we bloods down south we yell soowoo we 226 piru
coming for your crew we breakin through guns go pew pew
identical to equivalent to my twin brother t
don’t f-ck with me i’ll blow away your teeth
pulling up the sleeves for this n-gg- so he could catch one
i got a body bag ready ima put his body in one
if you think i’m done n-gg- you better run
when i shoot this glock it’s gonna be fun
and collect the money like it was a fund
n-gg- you stunned yet? let me pull out the glock and fire back

(young king f-ck wit me haa)

- lil twin lyrics

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