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lil uzi vert – luv is rage 2 (snip)* lyrics



smoking on some high drank
got my eyes red i’m gonna need some visine
swervin’ in a lambo not a i8 (a motherf-ckin’ i8)
i keep stuffing money in my safe
and when i close yeah
more like a soldier
i throw my bows up like the magnolia, yeah
you can not hold her, yeah
diamonds got colder like its pneumonia
move around with a badder chick
she a shooter yeah you know she got a phatty
i ain’t with that tellin’ sh-t swear it ain’t sh-t you can tell me
he be hatin’ cause where i am, he will never be (come on girl)
woah, took your girl and you can’t find her

- lil uzi vert lyrics

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