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lil uzi vert – rari lyrics

all i ever wanted was the b-tches and the fame
but instead i got a hundred thousand and a range
b-tch -ss n-gg- talking
fah (x3), you say my name
b-tch -ss n-gg- talking
fah (x3), aim at your brain
b-tch [?] two hundred
stay up in yo’ lane
hold on som’ wrong with ‘de rari
som’ wrong with ‘de rari (x5)

[verse 1]
all i ever wanted was a meal
steak and lobster meals (meal)
counting item meal (meal)
activist, crack the seal
all my diamonds teal
all my diamonds real
my b-tch eyes they be teal (white b-tch (x3))
two choppa feeling little
told that hoe my name was davey (why you do that)
imma cop a feel
none of my choppas is regular
all of your choppas is regular
none of my choppas is registered
all of your choppas is federal
you is a snitch


[verse 2]
som’ wrong with ‘de rari
it’s too fast, i’m sorry
sellin’ them drugs no bargain
think they tap my phone
don’t call me
twelve gon’ pull me over
sandwich bags in the glove compartment
they say why you got all this
i said i’m ’bout to have a party
they found thirty thousand
i said b-tch i’m an artist
soon as he went to give me a ticket
boom, pulled out the forty
b-tch be shooting at twelve (x4)
choppa a give you h-ll
its big as [?]
i ‘member when i was eleven
my bro was trapping at twelve
that’s back when we had a curfew
had to come in a the house at twelve
get them drugs through fedex
no send back address on the mail


- lil uzi vert lyrics

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