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lil uzi vert – snippet* lyrics

like ohh, why you wanna mess up my mood
wish that you were me cause you’re not cool (yeah)
lookin’ like a fool, like a dog barkin’ at the moon
cause i’m shining, like look at these diamonds
like look at these diamonds
shoutout to these n-gg-s that swag be lying

[verse 1]
doin’ these drugs i’m outta my body yeah
yeah outta my body
real n-gg-s
stay on track, know the cost, skrt
f-ck her once keep her close yeah
like her fast but extra slow work, (what)
drop the top, make it hold up
f-ck these n-gg-s cause they always being extra
all these diamonds on me i don’t feel no pressure
money coming in like i am an investor
she tried to take a break but i already left her
like oh

- lil uzi vert lyrics

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