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lil uzi vert – that’s my rule [remix] lyrics

[intro: king ziplock]
yeah, yeah

[hook: lil uzi vert] (x2)
don’t be rude
like my b-tches to come in twos
that’s my rule
you’s a fool
if you think that yo’ boo
wasn’t stuck to me like glue
don’t rock jays
okay i might rock ones
okay don’t rock two’s
who’s those dudes?
okay that’s my goons
when i say they shoot
[verse 1: king ziplock]
dont’ be rude
poppin them zans got me actin/ a fool
look at me juke
look at my ice
got me feelin’ so cool
breaking some bad when i’m breaking the rules
i need a thot, to suck in the coupe
look at my b-tch when she hop out the coupe
poppin’ a peck when i jump out the stu
gettin’ his own meat like i shop at the zoo
get it, i flip it, i’m with it
just popped a zan and i can feel it, yh
i look at your b-tch and she want me to hit it
i’m i riding the whip in the city
so the f-ck is you talk about, eh
i’m on my dogs and we bark a lot, yeah
whipping the whips in the parking lot, yeah
light up a dutch and you know we spark a lot
i am the young n-gg- livin’ up
poppin’ that loud and twisting it up
bending they hoody, i’m zipping it up
i get this paper and i flipping it up
is you sippin’ or what?
the party is popping and i’m already drunk
grew up in the streets i was never a punk
one from the back and the back to the front
all of my n-gg-s, they crazy, they wavey
we taking the chicks out the country, no navy
if you are whipping the bentley,mercedes
i call mochize and he’s whippin bababy
sh-t is so gravy
take my b-tch out to macy’s
im serving that white , thats stacey
don’t mean to be rude
i like my b-tches to come in two’s
and uzi gone rule

[hook: lil uzi vert] (x2)

[verse 2 : lil uzi vert]
alotta money that’s all in my pocket (uh)
goyard that’s all on my wallet (uh)
money can’t fit in my pocket (d-mn)
she suckin’ me off i got knowledge
boy you will go blind
if you look straight at my diamonds
yea i been fly
b-tch you just came perfect timing
i get so high
i get so high
i get so high
i don’t know why
i don’t know why
i don’t know why
i get so high
i don’t know

[hook: lil uzi vert]

- lil uzi vert lyrics

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