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lil uzi vert – untitled lyrics

my pockets they stick out like a brick (what)
your pockets they look light like a feather
yeah, i don’t cheat (what)
me and my girl f-ck b-tches together (yeah)
i wear jackets no matter the weather
rocking rare balmain leather
i be thinking life is a set up
better go out with berreta (huh, yeah)
gotta pull out in this metal
you a get pac just like kelly
but i want world peace just like metta
like cottage cheese that’s a fedder
she a lightskin when i’m redder
that’s your b-tch n-gg- better get her
cause my b-tch is all on her heada
on twitter, on twitter, on twitter, on twitter
better get your big n-gg- i’ll rip her
had her up on my bed then i flicked her
yeah, wet my finger
yeah, wet like dippers
what? in my slippers
yeah, then i met you
yeah, now she with me
(what) she get in touch then i clipped it
rick owen boost with the zippers
okay you hit but i’m hit

- lil uzi vert lyrics

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