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lil yachty – pesos* lyrics

lyrics for this song have yet to be fully released. please check back once the song has been released

[chorus: lil yachty]
trappin’, flippin’, stackin’ like some legos, h-ll yeah
and my b-tch she bad, she came from [?], h-ll nah
and my brother pour a 4 up in a faygo, h-ll yeah
f-ck all that twitter talk

[verse: ski mask the slump god]
[?] open just like a pimple
you sensitive like a nibble
just like elmo make me giggle
ha, haha haha
[?] l’eggo, just a eggo
[?] on yo’ lawn, like manure, i am the sh-t you know
ayy, lean in the faygo
she want some d-ck from [?]
tell ’em [?] slimy motherf-cker
[?] and no i am not chris tucker
[?] ’cause i’m a motherf-cker

- lil yachty lyrics

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