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linda ronstadt – colorado lyrics

hey, colorado
it was not so long ago
i left your mountains
to try life on the road

but i’m tired of that race
it was much too fast a pace
and i think i’ve found my place
colorado, i want to come home

i had a man there
but i left him far behind
i could have loved him
if i’d only had the time

ah, but i stopped along my way
just long enough to say
that i’d really like to stay
but my baby, you know i have to go

i was too young
to know what i’d done
i made my plans
but i was wrong
yes, i was wrong

is it too late to change my mind
i’ve done some thinking
and i’m trying hard to find

a way to come back home
’cause i’ve been so very long alone
won’t you take care of your own?

i think i’m coming home
i want to come home
let me come home

- linda ronstadt lyrics

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