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lis er stille – this wonderful you lyrics


i came here to talk
but i’m not an amazer
i wanted to blaze through to
this wonderful you

i wanted to preach
but i don’t know the reason
i’m longing to tell you the truth to
this wonderful view

i wanted to fly
but i’m scared of the ravens
i wanted to feel your contrail in my eyes

and as you pray
we starve the angel
you want it but you can’t contain it
and you’re running around
for your place on the page

the world loves a runner
but you cannot win the race

i wanted to die
but i’m not an eraser
i wanted to see if there’s truth to
that wonderful view

are you mocking me slave
´cause i’m not an equation
the tax in evasion
or what ever drew you
from this wonderful you?
this wonderful you.

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