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logic – lucidity (scene) lyrics

kai: what’d you wanna be when you grew up?
thomas: -chuckles- honestly, a musician
kai: what?
thomas: i know man crazy right
kai: nah, what’s crazy is original music hasn’t been created since earth
thomas: i know man. lucidity
kai: what?
thomas: back then people had dreams and achieved them in a state of total consciousness. sh-t we took for granted was obvious: water, food supply. it’s insane to think everyday life for everyone in babel is the quest for paradise. i guess that’s what i’m looking for
kai: what, being able to make music?
thomas: not just that. if the laws are abolished following the migration – we’re free dude
kai: we’re not slaves thomas
thomas: we aren’t? you can’t do anything outside the cause, not really. that’s why we watch the same movies and listen to the same music. i mean don’t get me wrong the catalogue is incredible, but we need… i don’t know
thalia: something more?
thomas: yeah, somethin’ more

- logic lyrics

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