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lord infamous – lord posse song. pt. 2 lyrics

[verse 1: lord infamous]
scarecrow i gets to be ignorant, r-t-rded
i bludgeon the bodies and dump ’em in garbage
disintegrate, leavin’ no trace of the target
(?) strip ’em on narcotics
got black market bargain
splittin’ noggings with the carbine
lord the goblin got you garglin’
up your guts and f-ckin’ throbbin’
light you up like a d-mn socket
when i’m hopped up on these poppies
soze samurai sainara
slice ya, drink your bl–dy sake
i’m a maniac, insane
i drain veins in black rain
man you rather get smacked by a train
than f-ck with lord on ‘caine

[verse 2: bpz]
[verse 3: ace of thug therapy]

[verse 4: shamrock]

[verse 5: (?) of thug therapy]

[verse 6: partee]

[verse 7: lil wyte]
we got the company up and runnin’, i’m finally satisfied
we’d like the thug therapy black smiths
have sharpened up they lyrical knives
i got a real click of mad motherf-ckers
that’ll show up at yo house and wipe ya out
after i cut yo water off then we gonna cut yo lights on out
son of the south, been gettin’ money
me and my crew only after a billion
i want a condo loaded with dope
from the floor to the motherf-ckin’ ceiling
wyte music money train gang (?) thirtysixth floor
we at the top of the building
everybody else stuck in the parking lot cause i locked the door
… feelin’

- lord infamous lyrics

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