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luxt – intent lyrics


it never was my intent to be your second skin,
but all my innocence strangled my chast-ty thin
you were such a peculiar place to begin,
still without hesitation i dove right into sin

i regret not a thing from this rich and textured mind.
covered in cinders and rebuilding the sight from blind.
it was not my intent but the past is signed.
so just get on with your life cause i’ve taken back mine.

the world spins on till the twinges are gone. unattached
are the heart strings that held back my life so long.
i’ll apologize for the pain in your life,
but you’ve got to get over it, life goes on.

so stale these memories locked up in me these s-x and tears
cut and pulled out of me. i’ve cried enough for those cold years.
what could you want of me, i couldn’t give when you were here?
so find what i found in you and give up your fear life goes on.

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