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madwiz – good 2 me lyrics


[verse 1]
when i’m weighing on your conscious
ain’t nothing bout it friendly
i’m that voice talkin’ to you on your third shot of henny
that’s why you shouldn’t have a problem calling me boss
madwizard magnanimous until i get crossed
they wanna ask tough boy why he started to rhyme
playing russian roulette, i only lost one time
i grew up on myrtle ave, where n+ggas can’t choose
and ain’t n0body p+ssy but somebody gotta win or lose
so imma need a little insight
just cause you boil it in broth is the rice no longer white?
you know the answer? get in the car
you love the way i cut close and bust shots from afar

[verse 2]
now i was here before and imma be here post you
no different then death, guaranteed to approach you
you decided to go to war with this g
your wifey got pts good d from me, sh+t
pay attention the next time she sleeping
her body twitches and shivers from having visions of wizard
and when she whispers “k!lla” that mean sh+t’s getting realer
she in her dreams bent over gettin f+cked by her old n+gga
i heard n0body ain’t thug her out since
and so her head is my vaction home, i’m paying no rent
you gonna need a exorcist, to make the b+tch forget
about the realest one that she was ever with
[verse 3]
wiz the god n+gga, persona 5 it’s joker
adding to myself with all of the b+tches like i’m sposed ta’
i be the culmination of everything that is thug
and plus the karma of your memories that once was
the souls of 1000 blunts sittin’ in my ashtray
representin’ the sad days, i had with my classmates
in the university of hard knocks i studied
and cause we still alive i graduated with my buddies
and we smokin’ diplomas, dope and coronas
shows in pamona, i flow for the loners, it’s wrote like homer
and i did three years of broadcast journalism
my flow fire, the sh+t burns and perms the women