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maj – everybody’s something (interlude) lyrics


yeah, yeah, yeah, oh

lost in school until i open my eyes
then i found out who was fake and who was real, in my appeal
i want the money and the deal so i can have my dreams fulfilled
or maybe i can be me
my own philosophy before they critique
i wanted my own technique, i want to be an antique
n-gg-s wanna follow like animals in a stampede
people want to hang but they almost forgot
this my own movie, and you’re not in the plot
before i start performin’ and sleep in marriott’s
remember this whole song and keep it in your thoughts
whoever said i ain’t sh-t, thanks a lot
on my last blunt to hit the spot
there was a whole lot of sh-t that i’ve been through
and i would not give it up because of you
i used to want to be cool, i used to want to fit it
i used to do what everybody else was doin’
but i just need to be myself
cause there was n-body here but myself

everybody’s somebody’s everything
n-body’s nothin’
everybody’s somebody’s everything
n-body’s nothin’