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mak nikova – let it grow (let it flow) lyrics


now what we’re about to do right here is take it to a whole ‘nother level
i feel it already
now, let it flow!

[verse 1: mak]
i see yall clear daily, spider-senses on hating
ride with magnificent paintings, who some call a degrading
flu invading duplicating, sick you saying, i’m aiding
breathing life for this culture that they say is a fading
some hating that i’m southern but i truly mastered something
go up with gifts that lift, the lips, spittin’ out an oven
that’s how i burn, booth to urn, you matching nothing
torch flames, i scorch lames with the accurate dumping
napalm, track the bluffin’, heart made of m-ffin, soft -ss
better be truckin’ or get left with heavy luggage
end up on a nightly coverage injected with an unlikely substance
bustin’ on you live on the air, like p-rn in public
all the branches i’mma govern for that culture mak be lovin’
then look back from above and shove a fist to show who really run it
texas, a-town, memphis stretchin’ maps, chops to make your head collapse
they flexin’ i’m perfectin’ rap, see like a 20/20 fact

(mak growl!)

[verse 2: makman]
i’m just a king, sitting on a kingdom
jesters and jokers seen’em all, so bring’em
pokerface schemin’ they find it hard to read’em
you dealt the cards so leave’em that hatin’ don left’em weazin’
jacks get to eatin’ was the call at evening
get that money runnin’ like the bleedin’ of a surgeon’s cleavin’
jive snakes get clipped and leave they tongue a steamin’
closer to h-ll for reasons, imposing to tell for treason
i’m bigging up a move to soon swell to your region
game derailed not even, reaching you all with legions
remain strategist, a new plan each season
ten second call meetings lead to the vision you seein’
let me hit the booth, toss flames from the tooth
a gambit on the mic combust nothing but truth
cuttin’ decks for your dealer, then next turn healer
these are the cards of opportunity so play’em how you see ya

[verse 3: nikova]
me, i sleep never, eyes be open forever
seeing how yall gettin’ chedda’ embarr-ssment to sell ya
sold-out by yo arrogance i’m sl!cker than its ever been
i hate to tell ya, i spit bomb chamber cellars
watch them suckaz burn up, while we open umbrellas
one be dark, one yella’, both wanna be the cinderella
slip on nothing but d-ck, flip the switches on a trick
now she lip for tips so show her how you gettin’ chips
this is how i bench, lift, minds for the sense
drenched down with money scent, catch the vapors when i vent
so see and feel fresh, krisp from toe to neck
watch them turkeys get mad cause they chickens wanna sweat
they get pluck, get gone, ya income just grown
then we, bring it on back home, split the stacks up on the throne
all my kings get chose, we breakin’ bread with these flows
or for what your brain impose, trick i hope you gettin’ yo’s

now let it flow!
(let it grow, let it grow, let it grow)
now, let it flow!
(let it grow, let it grow, now let it flow!)