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mal blum – circus heart pt. 1 lyrics


he was racing his way home
running every light
trying to get pulled over

maybe use his fight or flight

and there was not so much a silence
as there was a dissonance
no one talked about the things
that weren’t relevant

she said:
“if you want me
i’ll be waiting
on the fourth ave stop!
you can take the heart from your chest
to use as a comp-ss
when you are lost”
and he had never heard before
such p-ssionate discourse
but no one talked about those things
for better
or for worse

she said:
“i have been your lover, dear
i have been your mother, dear
i have been the eye of your storm
when there was no break in sight
and i have been your troubadour
singing your praises from shore to shore
if your circus heart wants more…
good luck, and goodbye”

and guess what
guess what
guess what
guess what
he made it home on time