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malevolent creation – serial dementia lyrics


raging on, fierce attacking
splitting flesh, down to bone
brain is blown, deviate
serial dementia, fire burns
deep inside, gates of h-ll
thrown wide open
bioses expanded
brain burning deep with sin
demons knock wanting in
uncontrollable urge
follow through tempered surge
stalking still in shadows
quick to follow
to achieve its bidding
blood l-st
screaming fills your head
your own or the dead
nostrils fill with heat
finish impaired deeds
stalking still in shadows
lunacy uick to follow
to achieve its bidding
blood l-st
darkness now falls, homicide calls
victims are all, serial demntia
implement gripped
lunacy sipped, arterial drip
plunging onward
hearing them scream
blood soaked dream
killer extreme, serial dementia
honing of skills, gather of kills
bending of wills
serial dementia