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malz monday - red handed lyrics


how you hatin’ on my moves and you ain’t havin’ motion?
they see i been growin’ from the seeds that i’ve been sowing
i’ve been in the laboratory mixing up the potions
i ain’t here to argue witchu about who the goat is
i ain’t sayin’ i’m wit big, ‘pac, nas, em or hov is
k. dot, drizzy drake or cole but i’m the coldest +
of my generation, a revelation, had to tap in to my inner greatness
the throne been vacant, it’s up for the taking
i’m passed witty, i like when my cash plenty
thumbin’ through bands like k!lla cam on rap city
keepin’ a bag wit me, my n+gga, don’t act silly
i’m a hustla, homie, like that record from cassidy, uh
n+ggas in they feelings, i don’t k!ll ’em wit kindness
i k!ll ’em wit rhymes, these lines right hеre is just to remind ’em
i been on that timin’, you n+ggas ain’t got sh+t on mе sonically
really it’s comedy, obviously i been an anomaly
a boss gon’ take a loss but it’s nothin’ to me, i’m still up
i’m just tryna ball like chauncy billups
revenge ain’t necessary ’cause success is how i k!ll ’em
v8 hemi cost a hunnid fifty just to fill up
lately i just been goin’ in
when i walk in a room, ain’t gotta introduce myself because they know i’m him
they tryna block my shine but that’s a goal tend
but i’ve been on that bullsh+t just like derozan
i’m the one that’s chosen, look
set it stone, i’m droppin’ gems like them mines out in sierra leone
two kids, one on the way, you see the family growin’
i could’ve quit awhile ago but i been keepin’ it goin’, look
i’m just organizin’ my sh+t and prioritizin’
instead of watchin’ what i do, worry ’bout yo’ assignment
they hopin’ that i fell behind
they was ahead but i closed the gap like invisalign
i told you that the city’s mine like fifty times
you n+ggas livin’ too many lies, you ain’t james brown
you don’t spin or slide, b+tch, i’m it like pennywise
i swear these n+ggas gotta give me mines
you either wit me or against me, n+gga, pick a side
lie through they t++th, me; i slide on these beats
pass it to me, it’s like curry from the top of they key
we not really free, 13th amendment’s rubbish to me
i come from the streets and the jungle where they humble the beast
i don’t wanna talk, don’t wanna speak
like the high cabinets for toddlers, i just been outta reach
walk through the forest, seen the blood on the leaves, huh
i got blood on my hands, gotta wash it wit bleach
the only sport i play is contact, hit ’em wit a sidestep
why would a novice step in the ring wit julio chavez?
no contest, i got a superior complex
they told me to pull up; did a hunnid and fifty five reps
i beg your pardon?
they ain’t got enough spark to be startin’ wit a arson
leave ’em slumped over on a park bench
i’m heartless, carbon 15 inside of a hidden compartment
i’m on that
is you gettin’ dough? could you bless me bro?
yes and no
can’t relate to n+ggas goin’ broke tryna impress a ho
that ain’t ethical, can’t be too accessible
they say i’m c+cky ’cause i be draggin’ my t+st+cl+s
they farfetched but i’m raisin’ the bar the farthest
ain’t just a rapper; i’m a artist, i been goin’ the hardest
(?) inside the armrest, in a sp+ce ship like a episode out of star trek
if i said i ain’t feelin’ myself, i would be lyin’
you lucky that i don’t want yo’ b+tch ’cause she would be mine, look
i meditate when my chakras not aligned
but you play wit me and my mine and i might have to cross that line, look
i ain’t gandhi but i’m for the peace and love too
but if you want to go war wit me, i’m sun tzu
in the coupe, blowin’ sticky out the sunroof
if you ain’t talkin’ money, sorry, it don’t compute
if you ain’t talkin’ money, sorry, it don’t compute
if you + if you want to go to war wit me, i’m sun tzu

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