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manic drive – tragedy lyrics



look at me in the eyes
can you hear me?
are you listening?
i wrote this note to you
i can’t say it, so just please read
it’s so hard for you to understand
and for me to explain
i hope this clears the mess i made

from the start i’ve said i loved you
and always would
but these promises have altered
i did the best i could
i know you’re hurting
your eyes the show me sure truth
and my heart, it hurts for you

and tell me
how can i live in peace
and live life happily?
how can i come to you
when life’s a tragedy?

i know i made a promise like these one before
i realize things like these you just can’t try to ignore
but you’re all i have, and i’ve hurt you
the choice is yours
just remember this one thing
that when i said to you that i loved you
that has never changed
i don’t want to think that i’ll lose you
over one mistake
i hope you’ll try to find a place for me in your heart
a place where maybe i can stay

don’t you on, don’t you walk away from me
don’t you on, don’t you walk away from me
cause you’re everything i ever need