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manigotband$ – 2200 lyrics


call me osama i come in and bomb sh-t, red dot like i’m shopping at target, young n-gga and i’m straight out the partments , wrist ice cubed like i’m from compton, come from the field like a n-gga was farming, came from the block where them n-ggas was sparking, seen a lot of sh-t , that made me heartless, remember days me and n-ggas was starving, i will not stop til i get me a payday, got the clip they let it rip like a beyblade, schooling n-ggas like a student with straight a’s, make that n-gga do the race like he tay-k, 2200 they toting the llama, like future getting straight to the commas, on the grind i do this sh-t for my momma, getting to it don’t got time for the drama, don’t f-ck with n-ggas they be on that sucker sh-t, 2200 sh-t they on some other sh-t , make a movie hit em up with the double clip, momma still struggling , i’m really hustling, late night we was posted on sullivan, n-ggas was bussing sh-t, they know i’m running sh-t, i got the hundreds and imma go double it, run with the sack i can not fumble it, come to my hood and them n-ggas had scopes, gotta get the money i cannot go broke, if a n-gga try me it’s murder she wrote, n-ggas know i’m solid i’m staying 10 toes, in my hood they was selling that soap, you ain’t bout the money then u gotta go, i be on the grind and i stay in da yo , with some big b’s like i’m on honor roll, 2200 they in and out bandos, pull up with a stick get it lit like a candle , they gone pull with the chopper like rambo, i got the keys like i’m playing piano, (uhhh) posted on the block i’m serge ibaka, and they got the choppers, it go “ blocka blocka”, we was eating noodles now we eating pasta, diamonds got the flu think i need a doctor, b-tch i’m in atlanta, where they gripping hammers, sipping dirty fanta, looking like a scammer, pull up in a ghost call it danny phantom, how you real but you beefing for the camera, for the money n-ggas know we on go, getting to it don’t got time for these hoes, u wanna find me i’m on sullivan road, my diamonds frozen let it go let it go, getting to it cuz my momma ain’t home, we was cooking noodles right on the stove, n-ggas saying that they really bout action, i call my ru’s we gone get this sh-t brackin, love the money gotta have it , n-ggas just be acting, n-ggas say they savage til they get to capping, they was really trapping they had automatics, and i rip sh-t like i’m in a casket, yeah that n-gga getting ate, i was broke now i rock bathing ape, in the jungle it ain’t safe (yeah), not a shooter cause you really ain’t shooting sh-t , i was posted on da nat like a hooligan, you could find me in the cut like a movie clip, in the jungle like my name was king julien, i can never trust a hoe ( oh) diamonds wetter than a boat (oh), do you really want the smoke (oh), inny minny miney moe (oh), imma catch em by the toe, shorty on me say she like how i flow (oh), got to run me up a check, got to get it got to grind on my own (oh), b-tch i’m in da bando looking like a l!ck, have u ever seen a n-gga shoot a clip, catch me with khalik we be kicking sh-t, call me young savage i ain’t from the six, i don’t owe y’all nothing y’all ain’t give me sh-t, i can’t wait to put some ice up on my wrist, late nights on the south getting rich, try to run up on me i ain’t stunting sh-t