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manigotband$ – mhmm freestyle lyrics


i’m finna’ pop my sh#t, i’m chasing paper i stay out the mix, n#gga better watch this drip, too many flavors i hope he don’t slip, n#ggas ain’t plotting on sh#t i’m not a sucker don’t think i’m a l!ck, we coming straight from the bricks i’m from the 3 n#gga not from the 6, (mhmm) (mhmm) (go) i was in middle school knocking n#ggas out n#ggas know what i’m about n#ggas know that i’m with it, dare a little p#ssy n#gga come to the south they push up to your house they might f#ck around and spin it, f#ck a thousand i want millions we coming straight out the bricks so i know that they feel it, it was a h#ll of a summer i was serving all day i was trying to do numbers don’t be dissing the gang for a come up, they don’t drip too hard but i do know some gunners (gunna) i move out of mind out of sight, you just wearing adidas i really got stripes, and your homie a rat so that mean you a mice, give a f#ck about your plug we upping the price (hold on) (mhmm) ima’ pop my sh#t like a glock, first n#gga play be the first to get popped, used to post at the court with the rock in my sock like i’m trying to beat up the block (nah) i’m trying to get m’s little baby it is what it is lil baby (ahh) my brother done did it again little baby he f#ck on a hoe and her friend little baby (n#gga stop the beat man) ima’ get right back to it, one thing for sure you know mani go stupid, like nike little baby just do it, give me some months ima’ have this b#tch booming