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manilla road – imperious rise lyrics


[trilogy 2: out of the ashes: part 2]

romulus and remus
ancestors to the forefather aeneas
son of mortal man and the goddess venus
raised the roman clan chosen to lead us
to the promised land

come before the alter
give your praise to the gods and the two brothers
through their blood carries the founding father
through the archaic songs of death and honor
the trojan race lives on

the winds doth blow
romulus ploughs the furrow
out of control
for jest blood of remus flows
it’s harvest time
for festival tribes unite
the sabine plight
the women raped the men died

led by the fates
seven kings raise the gates
the trojan race
lives on in rome today
the city wall
to this day still stands tall
the trumpets call
in memory of rome’s heroes live on