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manitou – garden of fallen kings lyrics


it’s long black winter once again
i stand at the golden walls of the king
my mind is wicked, battle so insane
bare of ice, arrows filling the air

my frozen heart melting slowly to the ice
hiding among the dead, fear is my disguise
my will getting stronger, ferocity won
i’m a ghost from the dark, voice of the evil

feel my hate
i raise my hands in to the sky
this rage is blind
i laugh and i cry while death’s p-ssing by
my blood flows on
like father like son. fallen kingdom returns?
i strike the iron, a fire of the king

snakelabel flag, bar finest gold
on the ruined walls
i’m dancing alone at golden court of the king
i’m the last one, i can’t see the sun
in the deepen shadows
i’m hiding alone at golden court of the king

higher on the sky, crows p-ssing by
there’s evil under sun
i’m the ghost, waiting for salvation