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mariah carey – it’s a wrap (remix) lyrics


[intro: mariah]
now for the deluxe…

[spoken: mary]
now mariah, you know i love you
i’ve loved you all my life
but i wouldn’t be a friend or even a fan
if i didn’t give you the real
you’ve been hanging on to this dude
knowing he doing you dirty
why don’t you just cut this guy loose?
you know, tell him it’s a wrap
because you better than that
and you mariah carey, remember?

[verse 1: mariah]
yet another early morning
and you walk in like it’s nothing
hold up, hold up, hold tight
ain’t no donuts, ain’t no coffee
see i know you see me calling and calling
i should crack you right in your forehead

[pre-chorus: mariah]
let me take a breath (let me take a breath)
and regain my composure
told you one more time (told you one more time)
if you effed up it’s over
when it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone
you’re dead wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong
so just do, do, do, do, do, baby

[chorus: mariah]
it’s a wrap for you baby (it’s a wrap)
it’s a wrap for you boy (it’s a wrap)
oh, baby

[verse 2: mary]
if i ever misrepresented my self-image
then i’m sorry
i was oh so acquiescent
but i learn my lesson
boy, you’re sorry
buh buh buh
all out in the open
dont make me go call maury povich

[pre-chorus: mary]

[chorus: mariah and mary]

[bridge: mariah]
put all of your sh-t in the elevator
it’s going down like a denominator
trying to keep holding on, holding on
boy, let me go
you gon’ wake my neighbors, get away from my door
that was your last shot, you ain’t coming back
it’s the martini i mean it baby
it’s a wrap

[outro: mariah (fade out)]
when it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone
you’re dead wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong (you’re dead wrong)
so just so do do that, baby
boy, i wasn’t playing a game
i told you, i told you
if you effed up one more time it’s over (it’s a wrap)
so get out of my face, i’m hungover
been sitting here all night, leave me alone
since quarter-to-three i’ve been drinking patron
watch the credits roll, it’s a wrap