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mario william vitale – the earth lyrics


a little birdy told me, hearts and souls are mouldy
walk with me, talk with me on this journey of doubt
you’ll question people and you’ll question the drought
of honesty people lie about, because it’s time to scout
for people of kindness on earth
from birth, i think i’ve been cursed
it gets worse, as i rap this verse
i’m trying to explain how life can be complicated
because we’re all intoxicated, muffled in fumes of disease and fleas that cling onto your skin
use the energy within, and repel them this is where your journey will begin
i’ve been searching for a moment or a pin, point in time
when these rhymes and lines will be cl-ssed as devine, as i perfect and refine
i’m just wondering how many times i can -ssign the same rhyme, so all sit back with a gl-ss of wine, whilst i intertwine every line, lyrics so evil i’m committing a crime, maybe i’ll get a statue, maybe a shrine, i need to switch it up so let’s all decline, but you’ll remember this verse as one of a kind

whilst i’m standing still over this hill, i think of moments in life that gave me a thrill
but i remembered the pain and i remember the chill
of the cold dampened hearts that never seemed to spill
love or affection, like it’s protection they need during the question, should i mention, you never gave me attention
like the worlds in one convention and i’m stood outside looking in
i grin, whilst i use these forces buried within, to show people in verse what i mean, before the planet isn’t green, before the seas collapse and wind is no longer a breeze
we freeze in an ice block, tick tock, tick tock we stopped the clock

but no body hears me so everyone listen up
stop what you’re doing and please raise a cup
for stopping global warming and extinction of animals, because we’re all valuables on this tiny spec of galaxies
yet governments plan strategies, to profit from the tragedies, they keep us all living in fantasies, but strike in catastrophes
so let’s help our families and all become one, before we’ve got none and everything we love and everything we feel is gone
putting a bet on the apocalypse, odds are 10 to none
so hold hands with me now let’s rejoice in song!