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marjorie -w.c. sinclair & stunny - babooie / fake corn lyrics


[intro: stunny]
aye, when them birds chirp i’m comin’ out singin’ on they b+tch ass, n+gga (eastoaklandtay on the track)
on my mama, n+gga, eastoaklandtay

[verse 1: stunny & marjorie +w.c. sinclair]
walk out, pop out, with an f&n (babooie!)
who that knockin’ on my door? baby, let ’em in
we just ran a train on her with seven men
she sippin’ on that pacific over seven with men (babooie)

[verse 2: marjorie +w.c. sinclair]
d+ck sucker (that’s what i like)
toe toucher (that’s what i like)
walk in the room and i’ma f+ck her with the rubber (i like that)
my young fellas’ feelin’ smooth like danny glover (i like that)
i like b+tches that fight back and bite the rubble (i like it!)

[verse 3: stunny]
bounce out, break out, take loss
log in, on mac, buy saucе
sip cup, tip buck, big boss
that young n+gga barbeque, smoke housе

[verse 4: marjorie +w.c. sinclair]
i’m the big boss baby (babooie)
finna kick back, what you been on lately?
your hairs done, nails did, you doin’ it big ‘lil lady (yes)
browse itunes for rick ross and slim shady
[verse 5: stunny]
i’m a dog, i’m a dog
i’m a dog, i’m a dog
woof woof woof woof, house!
big boss
baby came in real, real s+xy, got a big b+tt
it’s a ketamine movie scene, life’s rough
baby make it cream on this big c+ck

[verse 6: marjorie +w.c. sinclair]
oh my god, get that b+tch some milk!
versace jeans, versace drawls on that b+tch, it’s silk
can’t f+ck with the rave scene, fellas gettin’ k!lled
trap trap ‘lil baby, sh+t gettin’ real
go sell a feature, suck some d+ck for a travis meal

[verse 7: stunny & marjorie +w.c. sinclair]
payin’ all the bills i feel like uncle phil
tickled and pickled, baby, come here and feel the dill
shawty bobbin’ her head, she finna bob the bill
fed the b+tch fake corn, but the cob was real
eatin’ real lettuce from taco sinaloa, b+tch

[outro: stunny]
you know what the f+ck goin’ on man
it’s young stunny main man
i’m ballin’ out on these n+ggas, man
since 2015, man, to 2020, man
from the 99 to the 2000s, takeover, you feel me?
first n+ggas was flippin’ cocaine, now its ketamine, you feel me?
so when i come back home and hit, it’s that real music

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