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marlin’s dreaming – mellow lyrics


[verse 1]
this instance is a telling story
of kitchen m-sses, high confession gl-ssed-eye boys crying out to those
who are still awake, and ready for the consequences of their actions
this is for the peanut lovers
sarcastic imbeciles
of the night


[verse 2]
this is for the extroverted fashionista cats
whose [?] not even played the darkest of skies
and as the sea warms to a pastel blue
even the bus seat patterns look attractive in their summery hue

[verse 3]
faded orange 90s decor
the perfect setting for some soft core
go down the life of hopes and dreams
and not you
benevolent sounds
ring out
and ask your mind, see what you might find

we used to be friends
we used to be friends
stop playing with my emotions

[verse 4]
sweat city
on a serpent
but first, the goosebumps rise
and fall
to the salty madness dipping from his upper lips
shrinking in recovery of
we’ll wait, we’ll wait

oh, why don’t you take me
oh, why don’t you take me
oh, why don’t you take me
oh, why don’t you take me