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marlin’s dreaming – valencia lyrics


oh valencia, my baby
i wanna meet ya
she’ll come from far and wide, yonder
but i want to meet her

oh valencia, my baby
i wanna meet ya
she’ll take two packs of coffee in the morning
on a monday morning

i’m cold, i’m cold

oh valencia, my baby
you’re make it always not seem hazy
so just chill there for a minute or two
and i’ll bring you a bundle of daisies
do you feel good?
do you feel warm inside?
i’m asking do ya?
do ya? do ya, ha!

oh valencia
why you gotta be so strong-headed like that?
oh valencia
i’d watch any movie
i’d watch the sun go down with you
as it disappears behind the hills
oh i’ll even paint a wall with you
your love…
bring me together, babe

not even finished yet!
all right, shiver, alright
i’ll suck the marrow out of your bones
i’ll die for you
i’m cold
i’m a shark and you’re the fish
oh, but i’m cold